This is me
Above all things I am a mom, wife and friend – those are my utmost priorities.

Secondly, I am a professional bowler with 2 Regular titles and 1 Major title to my name, a 5 time World Champion and a 17 time member of Team USA.

I thrive off a good challenge and always make it a point to push my own limits. I am a thrill seeker at heart and love a good adrenaline rush.

I am driven by a force inside that won’t let me down.

My Mantra
To accomplish things you have never done before you must ¬†push through your comfort zone, trust your intuition and believe that greatness lies ahead. I will not let the noise of others interfere with my life’s mission to inspire others. My goal is to always be happy. My plan is to make a difference in other peoples lives. I dream BIG because that is the only way I know how to dream.